Sneeze Screens

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Our sneeze screen solutions are perfect for reception areas, office desks and any commercial setting to support social distancing regulations and interior work environments.

We have a wide range of sneeze screens available, from freestanding and fixed options to bespoke printed options.

Our sneeze screen solutions are:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Offer fantastic visibility and light transmission
  • Provide a barrier for coughs, sneezes and contact with people
  • Permanent or freestanding systems available for fixed and flexible solutions
  • Bespoke options for cash desks available
  • Customised frosting, branding or print can be applied direct to the panels to align with corporate colour schemes and brand guidelines

Shop now for our freestanding and fixed options, for all bespoke requirements please get in touch or e-mail


Size Guide

Freestanding Sneeze Screen 1 – 900x600

Freestanding Sneeze Screen 2 – 900x600

Desk Sneeze Screen with Clamps  – 800x600 / 1200x600 / 1600x600